Pat Jones a.k.a. P.J. Edghill



EXPERIENCE: I've been blessed with some incredible teachers and mentors in TV and marketing. Not only did they throw me into the fire of production and the television business, but I learned how to seamlessly put a brand and their message into a show. I produced several non-fiction/reality documentary programs which have appeared on such channels as: IFC, Spike TV, Oxygen and LOGO. I learned my strengths are in being a strong storyteller, while keeping a budget on track and keeping clients happy. Additionally, I continued my work with brands  and gained extensive experience in organically communicating a brand story in the television medium.  



PRODUCERS: Reebok Entertainment, MY Entertainment/ CARAT Entertainment and Roadside Entertainment

NETWORK: IFC   x5  30min episodes
ORIGINAL AIRING: December 2007/January 2008.
GENRE: Reality Documentary
PREMISE: Pair a Reebok Asset/Athlete with a celebrity, giving  them 2 days together to shoot a short film.


  • Architect of deal between client & network - Reebok & IFC

  • Liaison between production, agency & client –Reebok.

  • Shared oversight of various aspects of production including talent negotiations and insurance.

  • Reviewed final cuts prior to network review and air.




PRODUCERS: MY Entertainment/CARAT Entertainment


NETWORK:   OXYGEN   x6  1 hour episodes

GENRE: Reality Competition
PREMISE: Hair styling competition, hosted by Lisa Renna, featuring house stylist Coby Archa. Sponsor Jenny Craig had a featured segment.


  • Conceived concept and responsible for sponsor segment "Jenny Craig Hair Hunt".

  • Jenny Craig success stories were given tips and makeovers "because with a new body, you need new hair."

  • Wrote copy and oversaw segment edit and incorporation into the episode.




PRODUCERS: 3 Blind Mice Productions


NETWORK:   SPIKE TV 2 hour special

GENRE:  Award Show
PREMISE: First Automotive Award show


  • Hosted by Carmen Electra & Joe Rogan

  • Featured musical performance by Kid Rock

  • Member of initial concept and pitch team

  • Responsible for acquisition of concept cars from automotive manufacturers  



PRODUCERS: Stoli Vodka, MY Entertainment/CARAT Entertainment


NETWORK:   LOGO  x5  30min episodes. 2 Seasons

GENRE: Reality Documentary
PREMISE: Showcasing the lives of extraordinary LGBTQ individuals. 


  • Responsible for entire production-budgets, insurance, client & network relations.

  • Reviewed all edits and cuts for story and client protocols prior to network  & client review and air.


PRODUCER:  Kaleidoscope Sports & Entertainment


NETWORK:   Comedy Central x10 30min episodes

GENRE:  Stand-up
PREMISE: Comedians visit 3 bases including Guantanamo Bay Cuba


  • Responsible for all talent iaisons, including conract negotiations.

  • Traveled with the production to three American Military bases: MacGuire, N.J., Mirmar, CA, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

  • On site Stage Manager

GUANTANAMO CAST & CREW:                                 ( L to R top row)  Me, Lenny Clarke, Louis Ramey, Nick DiPaolo, Mike Birbiglia, Tony Roc, Colin Quinn, Greg Rogell, MODI. (L to R middle row) Edd Griles Executive Producer, Greg Giraldo, Laurie Kilmartin, Jim Gaffigan

(L to R bottom row) Ric k Newman - Executive Producer, Melissa Stevens-Production Assistant, Harris Levinson - Associate Producer.