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Pat Jones a.k.a. P.J. Edghill



  • The Elders Project is a series of profiles on older people, 75+, through Gesu Catholic Church – Detroit. The first iteration focuses on African-Americans. Profile consists of an article and a short film. Creator/Writer/Producer/Director

    • One profile complete Emmett Moten Jr. - FILM/ARTICLE

    • Second profile in development

    • Seeking funding.

  • Who Woke Papa?  Writing a screenplay based on the world as it was in May 2020, through the eyes of a pregnant, interracial couple, and their families. into a feature film

  • Continuing to promote my fiction podcast, Ovid's Flea. Find it wherever you get your podcasts or

    • TARGET AUDIENCE: Women & Gay men.    

    • THE GOAL: Develop into a limited series

      • One episode complete

      • Chosen & read as part of ScriptRead Cycle 7



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