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Pat Jones a.k.a.  P.J. Edghill





MY APPROACH: I find the language of the body endlessly fascinating. Growing up, constantly being an outsider or in writer speak "a fish out of water", means I was constantly observing the people and situations I found myself in. I'm fascinated by spirituality, angels and the afterlife. I'm a romantic and a feminist. Being a part of a multi-racial and multi-cultural family means that I never tire of studying the dynamics of family, cultures and subcultures. I'm always asking the question what makes a person whole?  Belong?  What lies under the surface?   


In the sub pages - hover over the PLAYS tab - are excerpts from 3 of my 10 minute plays: The Women of Warrington, The Roxys & Bleu, A Day In The Age of Obama. Brief descrptions are below:



THE WOMEN OF WARRINGTON © 2013  Lucy mystifies and worries her family when she decides to rent a flat in a beautiful neighborhood in Detroit, giving up her apartment in the suburbs. Little does her family realize that Lucy has an ulterior motive as the landlord and his properties seem to have a special power that brings couples together, resulting in marriage.

LENGTH: 10 mins GENRE: Comedy ACTORS3


HOW IT CAME TO BE -  The Extra Mile Playwrights were creating scenes and short plays from oral Histories of residents of the University Commons/Livernois Corridor a beautiful area of Detroit with stately homes and a vibrant community. My sister was one of several women who rented a flat from a landlord named Bob Herman, on a street named Warrington and subsequently met and married her husband. As her wedding was the third from a woman who lived on Warrington, the priest coined the phrase "The Women of Warrington", encouraging all single women to see Bob if they wanted to get married. I took this truth and spun a tale incorporating the values of this vibrant and unique community





THE ROXY'S & BLEU © 2009 - Famous 80's Actress & Icon Roxy Lane and her equally famous Producer husband Bleu, died of a drug overdose in the hotel they owned in Hollywood... and they've been haunting it ever since. In order to get to heaven they must help a young actress get the role of a lifetime.

LENGTH: 10 mins GENRE: Comedy ACTORS: 5 total - 3 main 2 extra's 


HOW IT CAME TO BE This Play was written when I was producing The Cell's open House weekend in 2009. We had 3 amazing actors (1 white male, 1 black female and 1 white female) who we hadn't cast in anything and we didn't want to waste this amazing talent, so I said I would write something for them.




A DAY IN THE AGE OF OBAMA © 2009 - One mid 20's Black male, along with his family and white girlfriend, reflects on what it means to have a black president. 

LENGTH: 10 mins GENRE: Comedy ACTORS: 10


HOW IT CAME TO BE -  When President Obama won his first election in 2008, The Blackboard Reading Series held a community night (where any playwright can present 10 minutes of a new work) entitled, "We have a Black President so now what?" This was my offering.





If you are interested in producing or performing any of the pieces please CONTACT me. 



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